Coconut Berry Smoothie!

It’s no secret, I love smoothies. The only thing is that it takes up too much time making one! So since I didn’t have school today(due to lots of snow), it was the perfect opportunity to whip up a delicious smoothie. None of my smoothies are ever the same. I always mix it up, and add new things. After digging through my fridge & freezer I had found the perfect ingredients for today’s smoothie!


1 banana

1-2 strawberries

1 handful of frozen blueberries

1 handful of coconut flakes

1/2 cup of coconut milk (carton)

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The coconut milk is very watery by itself, but delicious in smoothies! Here’s what it looks like:


 Then I just blended everything together, poured it in my glass, and enjoyed! 🙂

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Happy Hump-Day!

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 8.20.30 AM



This year, 2013, I committed to being healthier. With that I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to try new things. Something that I’ve tried & LOVED, are GREEN SMOOTHIES! Yes… they’re green smoothies. At first I didn’t think it’d be good at all, I mean it’s a smoothie with spinach, kale, avocado, and many other fruits & veggies. I tried to make a green smoothie own my own. I looked up recipes on Pinterest, found one that I liked, then made it. I was so excited! Unfortunately I couldn’t even take a second sip, it was awful. So then I caved & bought store made. At my grocery store there were only two different kinds that I found, NAKED brand & Bolthouse Farms. I’ve had NAKED juices in the past so I thought I’d try that one first. Now this week I tried the Bolthouse Farms juice. They both tasted the same to me, very delicious!

Here’s the Bolthouse Farms juice!

And here’s the NAKED juice!

All in all I love green smoothies/juice. They’re packed with vitamins & are a great alternative to soda.