BLOGMAS DAY 7: Holiday Nails!

18 Days till Christmas!

I don’t know about you, but I never have the motivation to do my nails. While I was browsing through Pinterest I saw a lot of cute holiday nails, and that made me want to do my nails! FIY I’m terrible at doing my nails!

Products I used:

(Top Left: Essie base coat, Top Right: Wet n Wild French White Crème, Bottom Left: Wet n Wild Red Red, Bottom Right: Old Glittery polish)

IMG_4481 IMG_4489

IMG_4494    IMG_4496

Step 1: I painted every nail with the Essie base coat.

Step 2: Painted every nail red

Step 3: On each ring finger I criss-crossed floss on top of each other, then painted that over with the white polish

Step 4: I then removed the floss and had a candy cane looking nail!

Step 5: I did an ombre effect on both my thumbnails with the glitter polish!

Here is the final product!:


Stay tuned for more BLOGMAS!


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