This year, 2013, I committed to being healthier. With that I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to try new things. Something that I’ve tried & LOVED, are GREEN SMOOTHIES! Yes… they’re green smoothies. At first I didn’t think it’d be good at all, I mean it’s a smoothie with spinach, kale, avocado, and many other fruits & veggies. I tried to make a green smoothie own my own. I looked up recipes on Pinterest, found one that I liked, then made it. I was so excited! Unfortunately I couldn’t even take a second sip, it was awful. So then I caved & bought store made. At my grocery store there were only two different kinds that I found, NAKED brand & Bolthouse Farms. I’ve had NAKED juices in the past so I thought I’d try that one first. Now this week I tried the Bolthouse Farms juice. They both tasted the same to me, very delicious!

Here’s the Bolthouse Farms juice!

And here’s the NAKED juice!

All in all I love green smoothies/juice. They’re packed with vitamins & are a great alternative to soda.


8 thoughts on “GREEN SMOOTHIE?!

  1. Ms.Kantro

    I applaud your commitment to a healthier lifestyle and your willingness to try new things! Believe it or not, kale is my son’s favorite food! This is probably because he’s eaten it since he was old enough to have solid foods, so he’s grown accustomed to the taste. Even if something tastes gross at first, I would encourage you to try it again. You may find that your tastes change over time.

  2. Farrah

    The first green smoothie I ever tried making was basically a banana, a wholeeeee ton of spinach, soy milk and flax seeds! Bananas do wonders to mask the taste of most of the greens! 😀

  3. gorunnaked

    I have a great green smoothie recipe for you! I totally understand the struggle of trying to find one that’s sweet enough so it doesn’t taste like I’m drinking the leftover grass that comes out of the lawn mower.. YUCK. I’ll be posting about it in the next couple of days so check it out if you’re interested!

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