If many of you didn’t know, like myself, RSS is a fancy term for following somebody. Hypothetically… not actually following somebody. On YouTube you can subscribe to userse channels and get their videos streamed to your homepage, that’s an example of RSS. Facebook also has something similar to this, where you can add the person as a friend. When you add that person as a friend their posts stream to your news feed, that’s RSS. This site also has that feature, where you can follow users blogs and it’ll show up under “reader”. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. In other words it’s using an XML format used for publishing and editing on various websites or blogs. Setting up an RSS onto your website or blog might take some time but it is pretty easy once you get the feel of it. There are many YouTube videos and websites with tutorials on how to set up an RSS onto your blog/website. Lucky for us RSS is already set up on most websites. WordPress is one of many that has RSS already set up for us. When you visit somebodys blog you’ll notice in the top left corner a button that says ‘follow’, that’s the RSS. Simply by clicking the follow button that users posts and future posts will show up in your ‘reader’ section. Why don’t you try it out for yourself and follow me! 🙂


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