Miss America 2014

Miss America is a pageant competition that awards scholarships to girls from the 50 states. This pageant is held once yearly, and the winner has the title of “Miss America” for one year. Ever since I was little I would stay up late watching this with my mom. I remember how excited I would get every year waiting for it to come on.

This 2014 Miss America pageant was quite interesting, in my eyes. There was some controversy this year. It was the first year where one of the pageant contestants had a tattoo! Now I don’t think it’s a big deal to have a tattoo, and I don’t think other people do either. But as someone representing America and being a role model to younger girls, this caused an uprise in social media. Miss Kansas, with the huge side tattoo, and who was a National Guard soldier made it to the top ten. Although she didn’t win I think it was still a big accomplishment for the first Miss America contestant with a tattoo to make it to the top ten.

For the second year in a row New York won the Miss America pageant. Nina Davuluri was the Miss America 2014 pageant winner from New York. Nina is the first of Indian descent to be crowned Miss America. As soon as I saw her in her yellow evening gown I hoped she would win! After Nina was crowned, the social media sites were going crazy. Twitter wasn’t filled with the usual congratulation tweets, quite the opposite. The 2014 pagent winner was receiving racist tweets. “If you’re #Miss America you should have to be American,” said one tweet. Nina Davuluri is American, but she just comes from Indian descent.

I’m actually quite surprised that we are still having all these racism problems. With our president being the first African-American president I can’t believe these issues are still going on. But never the less I am very happy for Miss America 2014 and I can not wait until Miss World 2014!



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