NYFW, also known as New York Fashion Week, my favorite week of the year. A whole week devoted to fashion, how could I not love it. Although I can’t be there in person, hopefully one day, I am viewing it from livestream on my cellphone. Mercedes-Benz fashion week features many of the worlds best designers. From what I’ve seen there has been a lot of recurring trends. Flowy pants, maxi skirts, long flowy dresses, squared out shirts, and crazy designs are only just the beginning. I’ve noticed that a lot of the designs are all in the same color palette. Their designs are mostly based off black and white. But interesting twists of crazy patterns and light or metallic pops of color seem to make their way into the design. As for hair, ponytails seem to be making their way back. Sockbuns were very popular this past year. But it seems the famous ponytail is making their debut once again. Not just regular ponytails, ponytails with a twist. I’ve seen a lot of low ponytails, resting along the backs on the neck. These ponytail also seemed to be teased a lot of the time, or incorporating a braid into it. Shoes, oh we can’t forget those. I’ve noticed a lot of strappy heels. Not the strappy heels that twist up your leg, but with the one strap crossing over your ankle. These heels have made their way from the runways, to street style, to office wear. Not only are they strappy but they are also two-toned. Mostly neutral with a pop of metallic, or black. The makeup in this show didn’t really catch much of my attention. I did however notice that they are focusing on eyes. Most of the time we see the attention brought to the lips, with a pop of color on the lips and light eye makeup. This year they did a suddle smokey eye with bold brows and nothing on the lips. Although it didn’t look like they did anything on the lips. If they did it was a very light color, or nude. Stay tuned for more of my updates & opinions on NYFW 2013!



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